Sergey Malishevski

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He was born in Moscow in 1965 in the family of a famous artist. In his very childhood the family left for Minsk. When Sergey Malishevsky was in the seventh grade he wanted to follow the way of his father. In 1975 he left the Minsk Art School and then entered the Minsk Theatre and Artistic Institute, the faculty of monumental art and graduated from the university in 1980. I think that Milashevsky chose this faculty not by chance. I should say the years of his study 1976-1980 were marasmic in the USSR and marasm grew stronger and stronger. In 1974 in Moscow was smashed up by bulldozers the exhibition of recusants, in 1979 several young Moscow artists were arrested for organizing an exhibition on a private flat. The author of this book was expatriated from the USSR already in 1975; in 1978 Oscar Rabin was denaturalized. What did a young artist have to do in Minsk, an artist looking for his own way in painting? And he chose monumentalism, it was a little free here. Meanwhile the development of his creative work was influenced by Zhorzh Russo, Pol Delvo, Max Ernst and in general by the world surrealism. As a result he was able to exhibit only in 1987. His exhibition took place in Tallin, Leningrad, Warsaw, Köln, Chicago, Düsseldorf, Essen, Bonn, Amsterdam, and of course in Minsk and in several other countries for example in Sweden, Italy, Lithuania…

Have you payed attention to the fact that most of all exhibitions with participation of Sergey Malishevsky were carried out in Germany? Evidently it because Germans love surrealism.

From 2007 Sergey Malishevsky began to cooperate with the Museum of Modern Russian Art at Jersey-City, consequently he will soon participate in the expositions of the Museum, and also in the expositions of the Museum in Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Washington.

Valery Zhiltsov.