Vladimir Akulov

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Vladimir Akulov, a representative of the Vitebsk school of painting, has preserved in his art its spirit of experimentation and of the search for an individual creative manner. Over twenty years child’s lyrism and naiveness, the perception of a turned-over word have characteristic of his works.

Encompassing a wide range of genres, from still-life and landscape to complex multi-figured composition, the artist remains devoted to a once chosen  style of expressionism. Asserting the prevalence of the spiritual values over the material ones, he has chosen the method of Edvard Munch as a protest against an excessive impartiality and technocratizaton, as a means of making up for the lack of emotionality which is characteristic of the official art. Being a poet and a philosopher, a master of an intuitive , spontaneous painting, he fills his works with a poetic metaphor, and his poetry at the same time turns info a sphere of transformations looking like a set of visual images. Colors act as the letters of a certain boundless alphabet, out of which the talent of the master endeavors to combine meaningful words. A very peculiar humane  coloring is inherent to the artist’s works, and sad animals with human faces and people with the faces of sad animals depicted in the dictures seem to stiffen an a transitional stage, as if personifying the author’s outlook. The master creates a second reality caused by his feelings and perception of the world.

The artist is replacing the former relations of things and figures and figures by new relations, frose of purely emotional and spiritual values.

The depths of the artist’s sub consciousness give birth to a great number of subjects. The number of his works exceeds several thousand: the artist seems just to depict his own dreams. Being a poet by nature, he knows for certain what perfection is, and suffers from the imperfection of what he sees around and inside himself. That is why his tragic outlook appears to be more humane than the outlook of many of his optimistic colleagues.

Every artists perceives the world in his own way, catching in the kaleidoscope of phenomena the waves of those frequencies that correspond to his spiritual nature. Everyone reveals something unique in this world, and these revelations will allow our descendants to judge about the art of our time.

But for the work of art to be appreciated by the contemporaries and the descendants, it should remain in its native country. The fragile building of art has always been needing a firm stand-by. And it is not by chance that Vladimir Akulov started to cooperate with the Zhilbel art centre. Their cooperation has allowed the artist to realize his creative conceptions both in poetry and in poetry and in painting. The “Zhilbel” centre, relying on the experience and opinion of the leading experts and critics, arranges both classical and  avant-garde exhibitions which, despite their polar difference, are always of a very high standard. This allows the gallery to display a wide spectrum of modern Belarusian art.

Works are in private collections in Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Poland, Chile, South Korea. 

Ales Taranovich