Yagor Batalynok

                                                                                   Only three things
                                                                                   (and maybe no need)
                                                                                   Just confuse:
                                                                                   that I’m in this place
                                                                                   and from this moment
                                                                                   I’m with you.
This is  a primary moment of realizing oneself as a segment existing in the God’s Creation, part of which is inside of you. This is a prayer to divorce oneself from the bottoms of diversity. This is a fortunate opportunity of having a choice.
                                                                                   By simple lines uniting in the Cross…
Submerging into the works of Yagor Batalyonok, drenched into finest sensations, weightlessness of spirit, you region the everlasting light of spiritual by not just repeating primitive mystic rituals, but by natural life at the intersection of deep penetration into the emotional framework of reality and incarnate generalization which often reaches symbolism.
                                                                                   Over the cloud uplifted on the frame…
Present days have the light which fills up and pierces the Universe over and over again. The light of a human being confident in his originality, happy of his originality, happy of his connection with Eternity, as well as with his roots. But all these meadows, hills and woods, milk pails, field flowers, cows in the backyard, horses at the horizon are not only common details or some national entourage…This is life itself, eternal as it is, internal stride of which coming out of the abyss of the. Past is not revealed from behind the veil of the Present. Instants do not show on the negative of long exposure.
                                                                                    …Paint and reveal, you artist,
                                                                                   The portrait of your soul…
Bottomless Reality reflected in the mirrors of flowing time, leaves the marks on the creative strive, thus staying with us. So unexpectedly we realize that all of us are in the interdependent world. We realize that acute agitation of  Yagor Batalyonok is caused by our land, by the dright colours of childhood viewed at the mature age. We also realize that we live in the reminiscences.

                                                                                     …of childhood pictures would appear…
Vivid miracles of impossible. Reminiscence of the bright, colourful depth faded in time. Observed closely, it bewitches us: something which is found through intuition, lost in the monotony of naïve decorativeness, can be spotted and tracked by the Master in the endless variety of the Lord’s world. This reality may be caught and shown in the everyday life with its troubles and fuss, may be seen clearly with all the details, full of colors, calmness and taste.