Vladimir Tovstik

Vladimir  TOVSTIK

Vladimir Tovstik’s creative work is a rare and uncommon phenomenon in modern culture. His works always bear a certain individual character: they differ with a special mentality, a special mentality, a special understanding and vision of history and culture, of the past and present, of the good and bad. 

From the very beginning of the creative life he tried to find his own problems and tasks raised by his inner impulse, but not by external circumstances.  

Everything, that is now far behind, has preserved its unique value, has not become a designation of points to count off the subsequent evolution, but has clearly determined a way a way of search for his own ego.  

Vladimir Tovstik evolves quickly, but consecutively. His development has an undoubted unity of self renovation and at the same time it is never equivalent to self denial. He enriches his art “from inside” preserving his previous achieve ments.

Only a few years ago the artists was developing his own pictorial system in which the main efforts were directed at metaphorical expression. He composed a picture of many “staging”, organically changing each other. It vas the collage composition that allowed the author to tell the spectator as much as possible about the things that worried him, and to unite love and hatred, the re more times and the present, the unreal world and man in it into an impossible whole. Coloring also plays an important role in the painter’s works. The color solution has been found in such a way that one color changes into another creating an impression of continuous motion of what is going on the canvas.

His works based on the finest colour  have an impulse of the author’s mood, who gives himself up to the spectator with positive energy.

It his last works the master’s search extends to creating an image bearing solution. For Tovstik, image is a harmonions whole, a peculiar melody, a harmony of figures with rhythms of architectonics and details in the painting.

Space begins to play a large part. It serves as a background and is the main thing in creating dynamics and motion of the canvas. This is achieved either by a contract of plastic solution, when small lines of figures or objects come into conflict with the graphics of interior and architecture details, or by coloring the complexity and expressiveness of color vibrations balance with the plane of open color. The painter introduces us not only into the labyrinths of images and feeling, but also into the labyrinths of color, where harmony is in the vicinity of “disharmony”, making a sensation of the unspoken and, thus, leaves room for meditation and dialogue about what is going on.

 With his works V.Tovstik observes closely the present day, everything that is nearby, saying that it also deserves the artist’s attention. He raises ordinary subjects (be it a portrait or a composition on the logic “Painted and Model”, landscape or still life) to the rank of a philosophical analysis of being, and thanks to his pictorial style, endows the canvas with poetic contemplation.

The composition is also subject to it. Objects’ and figures are arranged around the vertical or horizontal axis radiating from the centre in the from of rays to the sides and corners. The outward “organization” does not weaken the internal strain of the image at all. A feeling of peace is closely interwoven with feeling of inner anxiety.

Vladimir Tovstik is a painter from God, that is why, coloring is the main thing for him. Each time the color scale is concentrated on several color expressions (required for each specific case) altering in the continuity of motion. At the same time the shades of color do not interfere with the perception of the purity of color.

In his works the artist craves for such a plastic pictorial harmony of paintings, which embraces completely all the wealth of his heart and can render not only his personal condition, but also the condition of the whole world expressed in his image bearing style.

It is also valuable that the intellectual associations do not make any infringe mentor pressure upon  the artistic values of painting.

A search for harmony is under way between the material, artistic from and idea of a work that gives the possibility to  strengthen the spiritual and real principles of human being. Unchanged remains the warn heartedness and Talent, the Talent of a master who, I am sure, will find his own “Ego” in the art.                       

Nadya Zelenko