Vladimir Tovstik


1949 - born in Minsk, / Belarus /

1966-1972 - studies at Belarusian Academy of Art, Department of the Easel Painting, Minsk, / Belarus /

1973-1976 - post-graduate studies at the Academy USSR of Arts, Baku, /Azerbaijan/

1978 - member of the Belarusian Artists’ Union

1990 - awarded the title “Honored Arts of the Republic Belarus”

1994 - the State Prize of Belarus for a series of paintings “Light and Shadows”

1995 - Academician of Painting and Vice-President of Belarusian Fine Arts Academy

1996 - professor of the Department of Drawing of Belarusian Academy of Art, Minsk, / Belarus /

1996 - prize of the UN Mission in Belarus “Habitat II”

Works were bought by the largest museums of Azerbaijan, Belarus; the Ministry of Culture Art Stocks, Russia; ; the Ministry of Culture Exhibitions Board, Belarus; the museum “Zemmerli Art”, USA; Galleries “Pieter Breughel”, Amsterdam, Holland; private collectors.