Matvey Basov

Matvej Basov’s Personal Exhibition in New York

On January 14 at 4 p.m., Matvej Basov’s personal exhibition opens at the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art in New York. He was born at 1950 in Minsk, Belarus in the family of a famous painter Israel Basov. Matvej began to paint when he was five years old. He learnt art at art studio, then at republic’s art school and Art College. Rembrandt and Van Gogh influenced the formation of his artistic personality.

As a rule, Matvej Basov does not paint the world that surrounds him but his inner world. He expresses his feelings and sensations on canvas making his works consonant with Mozart and Bethoven’s music. 

Matvej Basov has been visiting New York annually since 1999. He has personal and groups exhibitions there.

In one of the catalogues of Matvej Basov’s personal exhibition, an art critic writes, “The images in his works are original and vivid. A connection between tradition and the belief of the ancestors of Old Testament is expressed in sense of rhyme.”

Matvej Basov works in the neoexpressionism style. His works are part of numerous private collections in the USA, Russia, Belarus, and also Belarusian State Museum, Russian Museum in New York, and Zimerlee Art Museum in the USA.