Igor Tulpanov


Igor Tiul'panoff is one of the few artists who treat painting the way it was treated several centuries ago. Sometimes he spends a few years on a single painting.

He was born in 1939 prewar Soviet Leningrad and was brought up by his mother. His father was killed at the beginning of W. W.II.

Young Tiul'panoff found himself as a student of Politechnical Institute studying to be an engineer, but soon he recognized his strong passion for painting. He left his engineering career to become a student of famous critic, artist and stage director, a teacher of Academy of Fine Arts, Theater and Cinematography, Nikolai Akimov.

Back in Leningrad Tiul'panoff created a number of important paintings, which today one can find in many private collections throughout Europe and the United States. Works like "Memory Chests", "Mystery", "The Room with Red Parquet" are the most memorable and important examples of his earlier career.

After leaving Russia in 1978 with his family, Tiul'panoff lived and worked in Paris. They came to the United States in 1979.

His first show in New York was in March 1980. Since then he had had numerous exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Trademarks of Tiul'panoff's works include meticulous detail, logic in his compositions, the precision of his tiny brush strokes, his infatuation with the world and its mysteries.

He is not unlike an extremely skillful surgeon performing a very intricate operation. There is so much in one painting that its objects may be rightly considered to be paintings in themselves, but that would defeat the artist's purpose, which is to create a world harmonious and complicated in its simplicity, a world that exists in his imagination.

Reality notwithstanding, the artist's illusionist style remains elusive and all but irresistible to discover!